Travel MRI / Cat Scan Tech

The Travel MRI / Cat Scan Tech Job near Harrison, MI will perform progressive CT procedures on ER, Outpatient and in-house patients as needed. The tech will position and immobilize patient on procedure table; using supportive devices to obtain precise patient position and following protocols specified by the Radiologist and performs scans, will administer contrast medial orally and intravenously. The Travel MRI / Cat Scan Tech Job near Harrison, MI will enter data such as type of scan requested; slice thickness; scan time and other technical data into the computer. Will view images of organs or tissue on video display screen to ensure quality of pictures, evaluate radiographs and computer generated information for technical quality. To apply for the Travel MRI / Cat Scan Tech Job near Harrison, MI please have the following requirements.

2 Years Experience - Required

CPR / BLS / ARRT - Required

Prior GE, Siemens, or Toshiba Experience - Preferred

Prior travel experience - Preferred

13 Week Assignment

Attach References

Don't Be Fooled

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